Petrographic denomination: Gneiss 
Place of origin: Cresciano (TI, Switzerland)   

Technical data Cresciano Gneiss (IMM, Istitituto Meccanica dei Materiali, Lugano, Switzerland)


Cresciano - EN 1341.pdf

Cresciano - EN 1342.pdf

Cresciano - EN 1343.pdf

Cresciano - EN 12057.pdf

Cresciano - EN 12058.pdf
Cresciano - Reazione al fuoco.pdf




The example of the stone depicted in the picture is indicative regarding color and structure. Each piece of natura stone is a unique specimen and can vary in color, markings and veining, presenting inclusions, holes due to porosity or hairline cracks. Especially in case of stone presenting vivid structure, it is recommended to directly view large-format slabs or work already completed before making the final purchase decision.

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