We combine state-of-the-art machines and processing techniques with traditional craftsmanship to create high quality natural stone architectural and artistic works that fully express our customers' creativity.




The extraction process is carried out with two hydraulic drillers (GIRAFFA 360° HV, Marini) as well as with smaller portable drilling machines (Spherical Marini) powered by compressed air generated by Atlas Copco compressors. We also cut with diamond wire saws (Marini); we thus limit unnecessary perturbation to the surrounding natural environment and material waste.

We handle the quarry blocks with excavators (350/500/520, Hitachi-Zaxis) and wheel loaders (180 E / 220 H, Volvo).



The primary cutting of the extracted stone is performed my means of cutting machines with circular blade saws with a diameter of 3.5 and 3 meters. For a custom-made cut, we make use of four cutting machines with diameter ranging from 500 to 1600 mm (GMM) and a lathe (Roto 100, GMM).

Our long-standing know-how united with the most modern equipment allows us to carry out high-quality treatments aimed at improving the characteristics of the stone. We utilize  of bush hammer machine, flaming equipment, a shot blasting machine, a polishing machine, a radial arm polisher, edge polisher machines (Parma / GMM / Cogeim / Comandulli) and a trimming and squaring machine (Pedrini). We also have hydraulic splitters (Steinex Sherpa and Igloo 320), for an impeccable natural finish.

In our laboratory we handle the stone blocks with forklift trucks (Linde and Kalmar) and wheel loaders (Volvo).



All our production is carried out in numerous workshops in Cresciano. The final products are loaded on vehicles and are weighed directly at the quarry.


At our quarry we strive to produce as little waste as possible. We constantly monitor our use of energy and water, which throughout the processing of the stone is purified and reused. Consumption and the impact on the environment is kept as low al possible. 

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