Natural stone custom design

Since its establishment in 1930, Ongaro & Co SA has gained decades of experience in the processing and use of natural stone. Our Consulting and Design department supports designers and clients in finding the best tailor-made solutions for the use of natural stone in their projects.


Our team can assist you during the whole process, from blueprint design to final construction, also in case of conversions and renovations. 


We find the most suitable solutions to implement your ideas.


Ongaro & Co SA works side by side with designers, architects and engineers throughout all the phases of the project, from the first sketches to the finished work. We provide consultation from the early stage of the project with its preliminary evaluation and the choice of stones, to the subsequent phases leading to the design and execution. We also support our clients in the preparation of bureaucratic, administrative and logistic documentation, like scope statement writing.

We are specialized in the realization of masonry, facades, interior and exterior flooring, as well as the design of private gardens and public spaces.

Our job is to understand your project requirements and assist you in selecting the most suitable stone materials, in accordance with your ideas and our technical possibilities and capacities. We guarantee an excellent quality and most economically efficient solutions. 




The public work

We source and supply the best natural stone for public buildings.


Ongaro & Co SA is able to provide for special applications of natural stone, starting from urban furniture to art and architecture.


We support our clients from the public sector in every construction phase, from the first meeting to the final installation. After the initial consultation we take care of the executive design that comprises the preparation of a detailed project including the chosen stones, rendering studies and analysis of the most suitable installation method.

Our strong points are the realization of outdoor paving, urban furniture, as well as stone elements for road construction and civil engineering.

In addition to fully meeting the provisions supplied by our clients from the public sector, our goal is to deliver the highest quality of work that will fulfill all of the requirements for mobility, accessibility and safety without excluding resistance and aesthetic standards required by the committee. 




We provide innovative solutions to raise the resistance and aesthetic standards of your building.


The team is composed of supervisors, project managers and technicians, who are experts in natural stones. We lead you throughout all the planning and execution phases, with services ranging from preliminary evaluation of architectural or artistic project and design to the identification of the most suitable material, ensuring the highest quality and performance. We also guarantee our support in the final stage, including laying and installation of the structure and bureaucratic, administrative and logistic procedures.

Whether it is internal or external flooring, facade, indoor stone elements or garden furniture, Ongaro & Co SA will deliver top-quality natural stone works. 


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